Who am I?

I am a Swedish Philosophy teacher, interested in science, politics and environmental issues.

I am totally independent from all special interests, and do this on my own time and purely for my own sake – and for my children. I am concerned with the integrity of science, that I believe to be at the basis of a free, democratic and flourishing society, and fear that the issue of Climate Change has politicised and corrupted science in the name of money, power and ideology.

I am not an “expert”, so I have to rely on others for my arguments, and I am totally open for the views on all sides of this issue. I believe it is the responsibility of all citizens to try to understand this issue, since it will have a dramatic effect on all of us. Especially ff truth and integrity does not prevail in our scientific, political and journalistic institutions.

I don’t want my children and grandchildren to be anxious and lose hope in the future for a lie, and I want the enormous amounts of resources, attention and human energy that is today directed at an imaginary problem to be used to solve all the real problems in the world, not least the environmental ones.